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Enjoy the richest and most satisfying smoking experience in the market today with Phantoms Premium eJuice. Available in a wide range of flavors and a variety of nicotine options. Try it FREE with any of our bundles!

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Phantoms eJuice combines only a few simple ingredients – with the option of adding up to 3 Nicotine strengths – to produce a thick, rich flavored eLiquid. Once atomized, our Premium eJuice produces a satisfying mouthful of vapor that produces no cigarette odors.


Pharmaceutical Grade Vegetable Glycerin

Pure vegetable glycerin (sugar alcohol) is tasteless, colorless, odorless viscous liquid. Classified GRAS by the US FDA, and manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices.


Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol

Approved as a human food additive while being used in a wide range of pharmaceutical and personal care products, the US FDA rates propylene glycol as GRAS.


Natural & Artificial Flavors

Our flavorists combine oils, extracts and additives to create a rich and satisfying eJuice experience – the best in the market.


Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine

Enjoy eJuice with 3 levels of Nicotine or with no nicotine at all.



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    I’ve tried a lot of eliquids, and none have been as satisfying as the Phantoms line. I’d recommend anyone who wants a great tasting juice.

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    No watery liquid here…… this stuff is great! It’s super thick and it produces so much vapor!

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