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Enjoy the richest and most satisfying smoking experience in the market today with Phantoms Premium eJuice. Available in a wide range of flavors and a variety of nicotine options. Try it FREE with any of our bundles!

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“Phantoms eCigarette Liquid ‘eJuice’ provides an incredibly satisfying and tasteful experience!”

Common sense should tell you that eliminating the chemicals and toxins such as arsenic, ammonia, cadmium and all the other things you inhale with traditional tobacco products will benefit with significant harm reduction*. With Phantoms Premium eLiquid, you can enjoy your smoking experience with confidence, knowing that you are inhaling only vaporized Pharmaceutical and USP quality ingredients. 



PLUS Receive an additional 50% off a clearomizer with any 10ml purchase!


Phantoms carefully crafted liquid consists of:


Propylene glycol is GRAS (Generally Rated As Safe) for human consumption by the FDA and further approved for human inhalation by the EPA. It is a common ingredient in many foods and medicines, such as toothpaste, cough syrup, inhalers, imitation food flavouring, hand sanitizer, lotions, cosmetics and more.


Glycerol is a benign Organic liquid that is hypo-allergenic, non-carcinogenic, non-teratogenic and non-mutagenic. Easily metabolized through beta-oxidation, the process produces CO2 and H2O, a normal, common and natural catabolic process. Commonly found in beauty products (eg: makeup, mousse, shampoo, bubble bath, after shave, deodorant), pet food, soap, skin & hand cream, gel capsule pills, rubs, jellies and many more everyday products.


Nicotine is the addictive substance in traditional tobacco products. With the addition of pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine, as commonly used in patches, gums, sprays and other products Phantoms eJuice can help control your cravings*. When combined with the behavioral components of smoking (hand to mouth motions, breathing in/blowing out, holding in your hand, and so on) our Premium eJuice can offer a powerful supplement or alternative to traditional smoking habits.


Tasteful, aromatic and satisfying only begins to describe Phantoms Premium eJuice Flavouring.  Using only Premium Organic and Natural ingredients, our flavour mixers create the refreshing and satisfying experience our customers and clients have come to trust. Featuring a full and rich taste, each Phantoms Electronic Cigarette Liquid flavour has been designed and tested to provide the most enjoyable vaping experience.


PRO TIP: Although you can mix flavours and nicotine strengths for specific tastes, we recommend a specific clearomizer for each flavour to assure purity and quality. Besides, you can get a FREE Clearomizer when you purchase any 30ml eLiquid!


You can use our products with our assurance that Phantoms will NEVER use alcohol to blend or thin the mix. We prefer to keep our Premium eJuice thick and rich, while producing large clouds of vapour.



*Any claims relating to health benefits are purely subjective at this time.




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    I’ve tried a lot of eliquids, and none have been as satisfying as the Phantoms line. I’d recommend anyone who wants a great tasting juice.

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    No watery liquid here…… this stuff is great! It’s super thick and it produces so much vapor!

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