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Adamantium X Mod Clone - smokefreerevolution

Adamantium X Mod Clone


Mechanical Box Mod

If you are seeking a unique box mod, then look no further than the Adamantium X Clone. The Adamantium X style butterfly doors are unlike anything from other manufacturers.

The Adamantium is fully mechanical device of pure beauty. It sports silver plated contacts with adjustable 510 and negative contacts. It runs off of two 18650 batteries and pushes incredible power. The delrin base on the device keeps it cool, and the unique design of it allows for nearly no voltage drop.

The internals of the Adamantium X mod are fantastic. However, the true draw is the butterfly doors for the battery sleds on either side of the device. They provide easy access to your batteries while doubling as a phenomenal accent to the already intriguing aesthetic. The butterfly doors alone are almost worth the buy; the fact that the device runs incredibly well is just a perk.

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